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Woody’s Proud to be a Part of the RVDA of Canada Pre-Owned Certification Program

The Pre-owned Certification Inspection Program has been created to provide the consumer with added security when purchasing a pre-owned RV

The program offers a multi-point inspection for any pre-owned RV and validates the condition of the RV before the consumer makes a purchase. The pass/fail inspection will give the purchaser a full overview of the pre-owned RV.

When you see a pre-owned RV bearing the Certification Program seal, you can be assured the dealership is a professional one, and the unit has been inspected by a certified or highly-experienced technician.

Woody’s is proud to be a part of this “Certification” program, a multi-point inspection for all RV’s 10 years or newer confirming the condition of the RV prior to your purchase. Make sure when out shopping for an RV that you look for the RVDA Seal before you sign the deal.

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Did you know?

The sealants should be checked at least once a year. Your roof should be checked several times a year for not only sealant but also for punctures from tree branches. Windows, doors, and hatches are at least once a year.

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