Panoramic Motorhomes

All eyes are on the new Class B leader. Panoramic RV’s are offering all the comfort of larger RV’s in a compact and easy-to-drive RV. A brilliant combination of European design, North-American technologies and manufacturing excellence.

The generous full-size windows surrounding the vehicle offer a panoramic view that provides a true sense of being in nature. In addition to the amount of light allowed into the Panoramic, the dining area now provides a feeling of freedom similar to much bigger Class A RVs. The incomparable views extend to each area of the Panoramic and allow a better field of vision and greater visibility while driving.

The combination of the front lounge with the permanent and modular rear bed eliminate the gymnastic routine of assembling the bed every morning and every night. This smart design also allows the Panoramic to offer the most comfortable mattress and the largest cargo capacity of the industry.
The brilliant use of space in the kitchen clearly shows that it doesn’t need to be big to be better. A full-height refrigerator, dual burner gas stove, stainless-steel sink and a magnificent Avonite® extended counter provides a true cooking experience worthy of a chef. The large storage spaces and vertical food galley also create a more ergonomic workspace that unleashes inspiration and creation.

Our attention to every detail at every step of the manufacturing process reflects our intention to provide a superior product and unparalleled experience. Our passion is visible both in the choice of our components and on the faces of the people who assemble them.

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2024 PANORAMIC 3500
2024 PANORAMIC 3500
2024 PANORAMIC 3500
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