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Lot Manager / Sales Co-ordinator


Posted: January 20, 2020


·         Primary direction from sales managers

·         Dress for condition of weather they are working in

·         Maintain all aspects of yard to be in presentable condition at all times

·         Ensure reconditioning are loaded with units in a timely manner

·         Ensure sold units are in delivery area for delivery time

·         Maintain tractor and equipment

·         Move units for sales people into delivery row, for showing and out of the yard

·         Direction from Sales managers to merchandise stock units in a clean and presentable format

·         Keep yard area clean and safe (free of garbage and obstructions)

·         Visual inspection of units on the lot for deficiencies (flats, damage , leaks, open doors)

·         Remove batteries and hitches from trades (trailers/5W’s)

·         Remove customer belongings and non-factory equipment as instructed by the sales managers

·         Responsible for a safe and clean work environment

·         Should not leave the lot unless absolutely necessary (management decision)

·         Snow management and removal, priority is front yard, then sales area of lot

·         Fill LPG and Fuel(Gas/Diesel) tanks on new units arriving from factory and used units

·         Always looking for something to do

·         Making sure holding tanks are emptied on trade in units


·         Mechanical  background or experience is essential

·         Q endorsement or Air ticket drivers license

·         LP certified



·         Valid driver’s license

·         Maintain a positive atmosphere and image

·         Stable under pressure

·         Problem solver

·         Comfortable with details

·         Pleasant personality

·         Creative (Outside the box thinking)

·         Mechanical skills

·         Self-motivated

·         Able to Multitask

·         Strong Work Ethic 


Contact Edmonton Sales Managers

James Coverdale & Don Humpreys 

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Did you know?

The sealants should be checked at least once a year. Your roof should be checked several times a year for not only sealant but also for punctures from tree branches. Windows, doors, and hatches are at least once a year.

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