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When you go camping for the weekend, you want to get away from it all, but you still might want to keep up with your favorite shows or catch the weather in your location. You may not want to run the generator for the entire weekend – after all, you’re trying to get away from the noise of urban living. No matter what you need to make your camping trip better, we have it.

Stop by Woody’s RV World to browse through our warehouse for accessories you want or need for your next trip including satellites for television, solar solutions, chairs and mats.

Solar Dishes and Bells

Choose from several dishes and bells to receive an HD television signal in your RV where ever you decide to camp, whether you are going out for the weekend or for a long trip. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and catch the weather or even the news, if you are a news junkie and just can’t leave your favorite news station behind.

Carmanah Solar Systems

If you don’t want to run your generator constantly, choose from several solar systems including an 85-watt kit, a 160-watt kit, a 120-watt folding portable solar kit and an 80-watt folding portable solar kit. The 160-amp kit is on sale and includes a 30-amp digital regulator, wiring and mounting hardware and a 25-year warranty.

Lawn Chairs and Mats

Pick up a mat to spread under the awning to keep everyone from tracking dirt into the RV and to keep the dust around the front of the RV down. The mat also allows you to walk barefoot outside where you otherwise might not be able to for fear of broken glass, stones and just too much dirt.

Choose from several styles of folding chairs, including a folding director’s chair with a side table. The folding chairs will fit nicely in the basement storage without taking too much space; and allows you to sit comfortably outside without having to take the dining chairs from the RV outside.

Visit Woody’s RV World

Stop by Woody’s RV World today to pick up all of the RV accessories you need to make camping even more enjoyable.

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