Top Places to RV in Northwest Territories

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If you’ve never been to the Northwest Territories, you’re missing out. Far from being an empty tundra landscape, the Northwest Territories actually possess some of Canada’s most spectacular landscapes and plenty of natural beauty.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Not only is Nahanni National Park Reserve one of the most remote places in all of Canada, but it’s also one of its most beautiful. Named for the raging Nahanni River that cuts through the rugged Mackenzie Mountains by way of plummeting canyons, the reserve is as wild and untamed a place as you can hope to find. The hot springs that are endemic to the reserve help prop up a thriving ecosystem that’s home to a host of rare plant and animal species.

Don’t miss the spectacular waterfall display of Virginia Falls where the South Nahanni River flows over a 90-meter cliff. If you’re an experienced whitewater canoeist, you can challenge yourself with the rapids on the Nahanni River.


The capital city of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife is much more than the gold rush boomtown that it started out as. Enjoying steady growth since the 1930s, Yellowknife today is a charming mixture of vintage wooden buildings and modern revitalization. Enjoy dining and shopping with the locals, exploring the surrounding landscape, and even catching a stunning Aurora Borealis on a clear night.

Wood Buffalo National Park

Along the border of Alberta, Wood Buffalo National Park is home to where the buffalo roam. Established to protect the herds of wild buffalo native to the region, the park later expanded its operations and welcomes visitors to see the buffalo herds for themselves.

Besides the buffalo, you may spot the extremely rare whooping crane that nests in the park.

The town of Fort Smith is the perfect headquarters for exploring the park and surrounding landscape. The town itself is also worth a look due to its past as a fur-trading post.

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