Top Ice Fishing Spots in Alberta

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Little child fishing on a frozen lake in winter.

RV travel isn’t just reserved for the summer months. In fact, winter activities are made even more enjoyable with the RV lifestyle. Ice fishing is one of those activities. Once you learn the basics of ice fishing, the sport will quickly become one of your favorite features of winter. The following simple ice fishing tips will help you get started, so you can enjoy the RV lifestyle even when the weather is cold and the lakes are frozen.

Places to Ice Fish in Alberta

  • Gull Lake – 10 kilometers west of Lacombe off Highway 12, this is the lake you want to visit if you want to get some lake whitefish.
  • Sylvan Lake – 20 kilometers west of Red Deer, Sylvan Lake is teeming with pike, most of which get very large.
  • Calling Lake – 55 kilometers north of Athabasca on SH 813, this lake is known for its walleye.
  • Cold Lake – located on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border near Bonnyville, Cold Lake has plenty of fish species, but is known for lakers.

The Movement of Fish

One of the most important parts of ice fishing is understanding where fish will be and when. In shallow lakes, fish tend to move shallower later in the season. In larger, deeper lakes, fish migrate to where food and cover can be found. They tend to stay deeper where the water is warmer. Fish become less active in the heart of winter, which means they’re easier to catch when they’re moving at the beginning and end of the season.

Start with Smaller Lakes

Starting with smaller lakes at the beginning of season will help you fish more often, and ultimately become a better ice fisherman. Smaller lakes freeze more quickly, which means you can be on the ice earlier in winter.

Later in the season, move to the larger lakes, which have more oxygen. Fish are more active there.

Use Live Bait

Live bait is an essential part of ice fishing. Whether you’re dead sticking, using a bobber or jigging, live bait is the most effective way to fish. Start by jigging larger lures roughly a foot above the bottom to catch the more aggressive fish. If the fish can be seen but not caught, opt for a smaller jig.

Ice Fish with Your Woody’s RV

Ice fish in the comfort of your own motorhome or travel trailer. Nothing beats a day of ice fishing with a warm and cozy RV waiting for you on the shore. Come shop at Woody’s RV World to find the perfect RV for all of your travel and recreational goals.

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