Things to Do and Know Before Taking Your RV Out

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While some things in life can be learned on the fly, RVing isn’t really one of those. Successful RV trips come down to one thing: proper preparation. There are certain things you should have, do, and know before you load up the RV and attempt your road trip.

Have RV Insurance and Road Service and Know What Your Plan Covers

You definitely want to have RV insurance. Your RV is a big investment and you’ll want to have it covered in the event that something happens to it. Know your plan and what you’re paying for. Less obviously, but just as important, you’ll want roadside service. It’s invaluable if you break down on your trip since a broken down RV is much harder to deal with than a broken down car. If you’re not in a motorhome, but rather a travel trailer of some variety, and you’re truck breaks down, you’ll also want to make sure that your roadside service will take into account your travel trailer when the tow truck comes.

Learn How to Drive Your RV with Confidence

If you’ve never driven an RV, don’t make the morning of your big planned road trip your first time. You won’t get far and all of your plans will be ruined. If you’ve bought an RV, take the time to drive it around your town and especially practice backing it up with precision using cones. You’ll need that skill at many campsites and RV parks. Work your way up to taking it on the highway to neighboring cities for day trips. If you’re renting an RV for your trip, shell out some extra money and rent the same style of RV beforehand for a few days of practice.

Know the Weather Forecast and Upcoming Road Conditions

Whether it’s the weather or construction, keep up-to-date on what the road has in store for you. RVs, due to their size, are less maneuverable and therefore less adaptable to unforeseen road conditions. Additionally, weather can play more of a role in how you operate an RV than it does a car or truck. If you’re traveling with others, assign a person to monitor weather and traffic apps as you travel to supply you with current information on what the road ahead is going to do and how the weather is developing.

Know Your RV’s Height, Weight, and Electrical Load

You should learn your RV’s stats by heart, but at least write these all down in an accessible, easily referenced place (like a sticky note on the dash). It doesn’t come up every day you travel, but you’ll encounter overpasses that are too low to clear, bridges that can’t safely support your RV’s weight, and appliances that overload your RV’s electrical capacity.

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