The Upside Down House

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If you’re planning on visiting Niagara Falls this summer, don’t forget that the area has more to offer than the waterfall itself. The Upside Down House is one such attraction; it’s relatively new and was built from the ground up (or the sky down in this case) to impress.

Built by two Polish architects, Marek Cyran and Daniel Czapiewski, it was Czapiewski’s second time building an upside down house. He’d built one in Poland as well that had become a popular tourist attraction, and so he brought the idea to Niagara Falls.

As you can see from the photo above, the house looks like it was literally picked up and placed upside down on its roof. Inside it’s quite disorienting with everything hanging from the ceil- err, floor. While you’re exploring the house, don’t forget to take some pictures of your family hanging off the ceiling!

The Upside Down House is open every day and can be found when you’re driving down Clifton Hill.

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