The Best Travel Movies Ever Made

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Have you ever seen a movie that made you want to leave the theatre and buy a plane ticket or pack the RV and leave right that minute to just travel? You either want to go wherever the movie was shot or just go somewhere to be on the road capturing the feeling the movie evoked in you. That’s a travel movie-anything that pours emotional gasoline on that already simmering longing to be on the road going somewhere qualifies.

We’ve decided to help you feed that fire by listing some of our favorite travel pictures of all time. There are hundreds or others, so don’t be disappointed if your favorite or favorites aren’t on this list. Take the chance to discover some new ones too! Happy traveling!

Love Makes the World, and Travel Movies, Go Round

Traveling is twice the fun if you’re doing it with someone you love, or if you find someone to love along the way. These movies are about finding or rediscovering love along the way.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

This is the original no carb, no love, no experience left behind movie of all time. Julia Roberts stars as the woman who gives up men to travel the world and fall in love with herself and her life. Based on the book by the same name this is the true story of a woman that divorce set free, and life reclaimed. Set in Bali, India and Rome this movie gives any woman the courage to believe she too can be a single traveler.


The Beach (2000)

The Beach

This is a backpacker’s, young adult cult classic. If you never thought of Thailand as a destination you will after watching this movie. If you can appreciate the poverty and adventure mindset of youth and the magic of traveling with backpacks and friends you’ll appreciate this movie. Prepare to fall in love with water, white sand beaches, stunning watery settings and action, drama and tension. The actors, water locations and jungles are all eye candy that will send your sugar levels into overdrive. This dramatic, intense and fast paced adventure is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies since The Titanic.


Leap Year (2010)

Love isn’t easy and neither is travel in a foreign country when you’re trying to meet a deadline. However if you’re going to get lost, dump your boyfriend, find another, get kicked out of a hotel, miss a train and endure all kinds of stress, loss and confusion to fall in love and marry a stranger, this is the movie that can show you how to do it.

Nothing Puts Life Into Perspective Like Dying

We often hear the admonition to “Live every day as though it were your last,” but if you’re dying there’s no better way to spend it than traveling.

Bucket List (2007)

Bucket List

If you had more money than time on this earth, this would probably be how you’d spend it. Two dying men, one a billionaire, the other an auto-mechanic, meet during their cancer treatment when they’re forced to share a hospital room. The two eventually create a mutual bucket-list (things to do before they kick-the-bucket, meaning die) and vow to finish the list before they die. The list takes them on around-the-world vacation that includes: skydiving, climbing the Pyramids, driving racecars, and flying over the North Pole. They also visit the Taj Mahal in India, ride motorcycles on the Great Wall of China, go on lion safari in Africa, and dine at some of the finest restaurants in the world. If you want to see the greatest tourist destinations in the world for the price of a movie, this is the one to see.


One Week (2008)

Ben, an aimless young elementary schoolteacher learns he has cancer a few weeks before he’s supposed to marry his long-time sweetheart. Given a range of “one week to two years” to live against his fiancée and family’s wishes he decides to buy a motorcycle, travel across Canada and “have an adventure. Along the way he discovers himself, the meaning of life and something quite unexpected about hope.


Touching the Void (2003)

Documentaries/re-enactments often tend to be cheesy melodramas, but this movie is the exception. Based on the 1988 book by the same name this is a movie recounting a disastrous and almost fatal mountain climbing accident in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. Joe Simpson recounts his and partner Simon Yate’s experience in a way that makes you wish you didn’t feel like you were there. Both book and movie won numerous awards including the 1988 Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature and best British Film of 2003.


Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild

You can’t go wrong with stories based on true life, even when we know the main character dies. Into the wild is a movie adaptation of the book by the same name. It’s a bittersweet story about Christopher Johnson McCandless (February 12, 1968 – August 1992), an American hitchhiker who traveled around America, Mexico and Canada before going into the Alaskan wilderness with little food and equipment, hoping to live a period of solitude. Four months later, weighing only 30 kg; 4 st 11 lb, (67 pounds) his remains were found by moose hunters after he starved to death near Lake Wentitika in the Denali National Park and Preserve. His death is a tragedy, but his life and travel itinerary was spectacular.


Can’t Stop Laughing

If you love humor, comedy, farce and travel, you’re in for a treat. So does Hollywood. That’s why they’ve made so many hysterically funny travel movies.


The Life Aquatic (Dec. 2004)

The Life Aquatic

If you like Bill Murray, this is one of his best films yet. If you’ve never heard of Bill Murry, you’ll look for more of his films after seeing this. The Life Aquatic is filmed in and around Naples, Ponza and the Italian Riviera. With thousands of ocean scenes and sparkling blue sky days in every scene if you don’t want to head to the beach, any beach, after watching this, you’re probably dead. It’s an American comedy-drama staring Murray as Steve Zissou, an eccentric oceanographer who’s out to revenge his partner Esteban. A Jaguar shark killed Esteban and revenge is as pure a reason to take to the ocean with beautiful women, family drama and funny one-liners as any. The movie is both parody and homage to Jacques-Yves Cousteau to whom the film is dedicated.



No travel movie list is complete without the tacky, tasteless, hysterically funny “Vacation” movies with Chevy Chase.

Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, wants more family time with his wife and two kids. So he decides to lead the family on a cross-country expedition from Chicago to the Los Angeles amusement park, “Walley World” in pursuit of the ultimate bonding experience. Their trip is filled with breakdowns, mishaps, crooked mechanics and a host of events and people determined to stop them from their goal of the perfect family vacation. The movie was so popular that it spawned almost half a dozen sequels, all with the name “vacation” in the title, Las Vegas Vacation, Christmas Vacation and Christmas Vacation 2, European Vacation, Hotel Hell Vacation, Cousin Eddie’s Island Vacation.




“On a family vacation no one can hear you scream.” If you own an RV or are considering buying one, you’ll appreciate the learning process Bob Munro (played by Robin Williams) goes through when he takes his family on a cross-country trip for the first time in a rented RV. This comedy is a classic for RVers everywhere that have ever feared, loved, or hated their first long-distance road trip. From learning how to dump the blackwater tank to meeting other, strange campers on the way while coping with the teen angst and eye-rolling of his two teen-aged children, the family not only learns to appreciate traveling with dear old dad, but bonds through their experience on the road.

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