Take the Stress Out of Hitting the Road

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One of the few sources of stress when RVing is the preparation, especially the night before you leave and the morning of departure. Do you have everything in order? Is everything packed? Are you forgetting anything?

However, preparing to hit the road doesn’t have to be stressful if you simply take some steps to curb the risk of common issues. Whether you’re striking out from home or simply moving on from one RV park to another, these tips will help the transition go much smoother.

Start Early

Anything you can do to prepare to move ahead of time, do it. While many things can’t be done until the night before, that still takes stress off of waking up in the morning and trying to do everything while you’re groggy.

If you’re leaving from home, go ahead and put every piece of luggage you’re going to take inside your RV, stored in a travel ready position. Double check that you have everything and that there’s nothing that you’ll need in the morning besides getting everyone onboard.

If you’re leaving from a campsite or RV park, go ahead and dump your tanks and stow your hoses. Clean up your site and put away extraneous items you won’t need to use in the morning.

Prepare Food

Whether simple snacks for the road or complete meals like sandwiches, go ahead and make them before you leave. If you do, you can avoid having to stop to make something or waste money at a fast food joint along the way. It’s a time and money saver, so why not do it?

Use the Restroom When You Have an Opportunity

Don’t ever pass up a chance to use a restroom. Use the toilet before you hit the road and use it whenever you stop for anything else. This reduces your stops significantly and saves time. Besides which, nothing is more stressful than having to hold it in on a road trip.

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