Stay Healthy on the Road

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Staying fit and healthy on the road isn’t a difficult task if you’re willing to fit in a simple exercise routine into your travels. Try this easy, no extra equipment needed regiment before you set out in the morning or after you setup camp. Better yet, try it in the passenger seat if you’re not driving. That’s right – it’s so simple, you don’t even have to leave your seat!

Heel Pushes

Place your heels and calves against your seat. Push backwards against it to contract your muscles like a hamstring curl. Repeat 10 times very slowly.

Ab Tucks

Sit tall and exhale. Draw your belly button back to your spine while slightly rounding your spine like a cat position in yoga. Inhale and slightly arch your back like the cow position in yoga. Do this 10 times slowly.

Seated Twist

Sit up straight and cross your left leg over your right. Take your right hand and grab the left knee. Pull it to the right as you slightly and very gently twist to the left and look over your left shoulder. Do this in 10 slow reps before switching to the other side and doing 10 more.

Back Touches

Sit straight and forward so that your back is not resting against the seat. Reach your right arm up as high as possible and then bring it down to touch your back as low down as you can reach. Do this 10 times per side slowly.

Visit Woody’s RV World

This simple routine will help keep you flexible and limber while you travel. In conjunction with the hiking and other outdoor activities you engage in, you’ll notice that you have more energy and will feel better throughout the day. Stop by Woody’s RV World before you set out to make sure that your RV is in good shape before your next road trip.

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