Running on Your RV Vacation

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You don’t have to give up running just because you take a vacation in your RV. Just be sure to pack your running shes with you when you go. Whether you are staying in a place that is close to the main roads and doesn’t have any major trails or you are staying in a place that is more remote and has a ton of hiking trails, you’ll be able to run every day. You may have to change your routine a bit, especially if you are used to running on flat surfaces.

Running on Hiking Trails

Make sure you have a good running shoe for this. You should walk the trail first unless it’s a paved or graveled trail where you don’t expect any surprises such as roots and rocks in the trail that could trip you up.

Keep in mind that running on a hiking trail may tire you out faster if there are a lot of hills that you are not used to. Don’t expect to run the same distance unless the trail is just like the area where you normally run.

Also, if you are used to running on a hard surface such as concrete, be ready to make changes to running on a softer surface. Dirt may slow you down a bit, even if it’s hard packed since it is never as hard as concrete.

Finally, remember to watch for other hikers. Many people on these trails won’t be running, so be prepared to slow down or stop, depending on how narrow the trail is.

Running Trails

If running on hiking trails is not for you or the trails around your campsite are not for beginners and contain lots of things to climb, you may want to look for running and biking trails in the area you are camping. You may have to drive to the running spot, but you’ll be on a surface that is more similar to hard roads you’re used to running on.

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