Pro Photography Tips for the RVer

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Traveling in your RV means you see some stunning outdoor sights. Snapping photos of those sights helps you remember those breathtaking moments you may have forgotten otherwise. Although taking photos in the outdoors isn’t always easy, and those photos don’t always turn out the way you planned.

These simple outdoor photography tips will help you beat the challenges of snapping photos outside and provide pictures you’re proud to display for years to come.

Get Up and Shoot Early

Many professional photographers agree there are two optimal times of day to shoot outdoor photos, and those times are at dawn and dusk. The time range is typically regarded as the half hour before and after sunrise and sunset. These times of day provide the most desirable light as well as interesting shadows that can turn a good photo into a great one.

Compose Your Shots

It’s easy to go outside, start snapping countless photos and hope there’s a keeper in the bunch. Although, that’s not typically the best approach. Try to remain conscious of how the outdoor elements — such as trees, mountains, the ocean, or sand — relate to one another, and snap a photo that shows their depth. Similarly, if you’re taking a photo of a person outside, take the shot that shows them in relation to their surroundings instead of simply asking them to stand in the middle.

Don’t Center the Horizon

Sunrise and sunset photos are fun to take, but a key rule of snapping photos of the horizon is to keep it off-center. Keeping the horizon away from the center of your photograph allows you to emphasize the importance of the Earth or the sky — whichever one you please.

Show a Sense of Scale

You may want to take a photo of a mountain to show how large it is, but it can be tough for your audience to understand the size without an object to show scale. The object can be a person, a tree, a bug, a bike or any item that helps your viewers understand just how large or small your subject is.

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