Prepare Your Dinner While on the Road

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Like, literally. The title is literal.

Here’s a neat trick that can save you time and energy: cook food while you drive. Doesn’t sound possible, does it? What, are you going to balance in the back as the RV tilts and shifts along the road, all while preventing boiling water from spilling and knives from flying?

Of course not. The solution is a slow cooker. Just prep in the morning before you pull anchor and let it cook while you head to your next stop. When you get there hours later, you’ve got a slow cooked meal waiting for the plate. It may sound just as bad as trying traditional cooking while you drive, but it really works so long as you follow a few guidelines:

  • Don’t over fill the slow cooker. By keeping the liquid portion down below halfway, you significantly reduce the chances that there will be spillage. By that same token, try sticking to roasts rather than stews.
  • Purchase a slow cooker with latches. These are commonly available as an option and are ideal for use in an RV. The latch keeps the lid where it should be, even when you’re driving down a grade, handling some curves in the road, or coming to an emergency stop.
  • Place it in the sink. If the dimensions allow, just put the slow cooker in the sink and let it do its work there. The sink will automatically take care of any spillage, won’t have a problem with heat convection, and keeps the slow cooker wedged in place. Just make sure that the sink is completely dry before you place the slow cooker in there.

Following these tips, this ought to become your new favorite method of cooking while out in your RV. Take the hassle out of dinner and cook while you drive the next time you hit the road in your RV.

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