Planning a Wine Tasting RV Tour

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Planning a Wine Tasting RV Tour

Vineyards in British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon produce an enticing variety of exquisite wines, and northwest wineries welcome visitors year round. Whether you are new to the epicurean delights of a wine tour, or you are a seasoned connoisseur of the best the vineyard has to offer, vineyards and wineries in this region of the world rival old-world varietals any day.

If you are considering a wine-tasting RV excursion through the graceful rolling hills of the Okanagan region, or looking forward to seeing the verdant coastal areas of Vancouver Island, either will prove a memorable experience. Both options offer epicurean delights. Combine those with the breathtaking vistas for which the region is famous, and you have the makings for that once-in-a-lifetime RV excursion. Get ready for a truly delightful experience, as winemakers in this region of the world really know their stuff.

One caveat is in order. In a wine-tasting tour, the focus is on sampling varietals in small quantities, not on overindulging in alcoholic beverages. It goes without saying that irresponsible drinking of alcoholic beverages is a way to a wrecked RV and a driving-under-the-influence citation.


British Columbia Wineries

Planning a Wine Tasting RV Tour

Two regions in British Columbia produce the grapes winemakers covet: The coastal areas of Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley; and the wine-growing regions of the Okanagan and the Similkameen Valley in the southern regions of the province. Situated amid these exquisitely beautiful hillsides are a treasure trove of wineries, with many offering organically produced varietals. Park your RV, and enjoy self-guided winery tours in this delightful coastal region, which is considered to be among the top five best-wine regions in the world. That’s a result of the complex makeup of the region’s soil, which was shaped by glacial activity, along with a unique alignment of conditions that make for the perfect vino.


Washington State’s Award-winning varietals

Planning a Wine Tasting RV Tour

Washington State winemaking has undergone explosive growth, with the state’s wineries quadrupling just during the past 10 years. Like its wine-growing neighbor to the north — British Columbia — the state’s winegrowing regions beckon visitors to experience a truly memorable wine-touring experience. It’s that magic mixture of marine air currents encountering the majestic Cascade Mountain Range that create a rain-shadow effect. Under that shadow, a combination of dry conditions and a northern clime’s lengthy summer days create perfect conditions for cultivating grapes.

Of course, the journey is half the pleasure when it comes to recreational vehicle excursions. Washington State’s eastern region has some truly spectacular vistas. There is Mt. Spokane in the Selkirk Range and the jagged peaks of the eastern side of the Cascades offer stunning views. Visitors to that region may also choose to view The Grand Coulee Dam — an impressive man-made wonder.


Oregon’s Fruity Pleasures

Planning a Wine Tasting RV Tour

Oregon is not only wine country, but the state also produces an abundance of berries. Wineries incorporate those berries into fruity wine varietals, flavored with blackberries, blueberries or raspberries. (Those berries are also used to craft specialty beers.) Many of the state’s wineries are west of the Cascades, but Southern Oregon wine growers have the advantage of a variety of microclimates that are conducive to producing award-winning wines. An RV excursion to Southern Oregon not only means you’ll have the pleasure of wine-tasting in Oregon, but you’ll also be that much closer to the region known for its exceptional wines worldwide: California.


California’s Historic Wine Industry

Planning a Wine Tasting RV Tour

Countless numbers of RV trips have been made to the “Golden State,” yet a recreational vehicle trip to one of the world’s most visited regions will prove to be an unforgettable excursion, when winery tours are added to the itinerary. Be adventurous, and go off the beaten path. The Paso Robles wine-producing region, situated halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, offers specular vistas for a Recreational Vehicle excursion. This wine-producing region has seen a definite rise in demand for its distinctive varietals. Enjoy sampling an abundance of wine-tasting opportunities in this world-renowned wine-producing region.

California is already a top-destination for recreational excursions, but if this will be your first wine-tasting tour, be sure to visit Carmel Valley, as it will prove to be a memorable experience. A multitude of eye-popping vistas are part and parcel of a trip to the state’s mid-coastal region, but don’t stop there. Take time to sample the locally produced varietals. Figge Cellars is just one example of a dazzling variety of wine-tasting bars in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Planning a 1,000 mile-long RV tour that includes North America’s wine-growing regions is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Pacific Coast is a world-renowned tourist destination, and RV facilities from British Columbia to the border of Mexico are easy-to-find along the entire length of the journey. The RV lifestyle affords opportunities to slow down and enjoy one of the most visually spectacular vistas in the world. Add to that an opportunity to sample an array of award winning wines, and what could be better?

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