Boondocking Essentials

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If you’re like the majority of RV campers, you likely stick to well established campgrounds and RV parks when you’re looking for a place to moor your rig. Maybe you sometimes overnight in a parking lot, but that’s about it. There’s another way to camp, though: it’s called boondocking and it involves going off the grid with your RV in order to get more freedom and solitude and to get closer to nature. It’s a fun alternative, but it takes some preparation to pull off. Here are some indispensable items if you’re going to go camping off the grid in your RV.

An Energy Source

Above all else, you need to be able to power your RV and its systems, lest you downgrade to camping in a tent. You can manage this by installing some solar panels and/or bringing along a generator. A combination of the two often works best, but if you’re only planning to boondock for a short period of time, you can get by on a solar panel configuration alone. Generators are recommended if you plan to put down anchor for an extended period of time.

Bring several spare batteries. Your RV has a some installed, but the juice might run out while you’re off the grid. You can rotate fresh batteries in while using your solar panels/generator to recharge the empty batteries.


If you want to continue to do things after the sun goes down, you’re going to want to have some lighting along. Remember, if you’re off the grid there won’t be streetlights nearby (unless your idea of boondocking is the backyard!). Bring solar lights, which offer one of the easiest lighting solutions for boondockers. They charge during the day and provide ample light for the evening. Just be sure to shell out enough money for quality lights.

Climate Control

Using your RV’s onboard A/C system hogs a lot of energy and drains batteries very quickly. While it’s not a problem with an electric hookup, out in the sticks you’re going to see that your power reserves drain at an alarming rate if you’ve got your cooling or heating on. Bring a low-volt fan along for cooling purposes. There are 12V fans available that will have minimal impact on your power supply. For heating, try a propane powered unit.

Save on Water

Your water supply is a commodity when boondocking. Conserve it as much as possible by installing water saving devices, such as a shower heads and faucets that aerate water or slow down the flow of water so that you’re using less water when you turn on the tap.

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Visit Elk Island National Park for Your Next RV Trip

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National parks are some of Canada’s greatest features, and Elk Island National Park is one of Alberta’s most prized possessions. The park serves as a key refuge for elk, bison and roughly 250 bird species. The bison was revived from near extinction, and Elk Island National Park is one of the top places in the world to learn about the species. Although, campers, hikers, bird watchers, picnickers, and star gazers will all find something they adore about the park.

Things to Do at Elk Island National Park

Bison are the main attraction at Elk Island National Park, and visitors can learn about their rich history and the role the animal has played in many different cultures. Visit the bison handling facility and see how the park’s expert staff care for these iconic animals. Head to the park for the annual Bison Festival, take the Bison backstage Tour or enjoy the exhilarating Bison Traffic Jam.

Park Festivals

In addition to the Bison Festival, Elk Island National Park throws numerous family-friendly festivals throughout the year. Celebrate water sports at Paddlefest, join the fun for Canada Day or gaze at the sky for the park’s annual Star Party. Log onto the park’s website to learn more about upcoming events.

Stay the Night at the Park

There’s no better way to experience Elk Island National Park than by spending a night on park grounds. The Astotin Lake Campground features 71 unserviced sites and an overflow area. Showers, flush toilets, food lockers and picnic shelters are available for campers.

The park also offers equipped campsites that come prepared with a tent, sleeping pads, camping chairs, a lantern, propane stove, cooking gear and dining shelter, so all you need to do is pull up to your site and enjoy the park.

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The Pros of Fifth Wheel Trailers

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When you arrive at Woody’s RV World to pick out your new or used recreational vehicle, the sheer selection and number of options may overwhelm you. Consider starting your search with the fifth wheel trailers. These models all vary in features, but their basic design offers numerous benefits to small families and individuals.

Extra Space With A Shorter Body

Towing a very long trailer increases the likelihood of swaying and loss of control. However, it can be hard to fit the entire family in comfortably unless you tow something large. Fifth wheels feature an overhanging extension that sits over the bed of the hauling vehicle. This creates sleeping or storage space without lengthening the body, keeping most models very compact. Some still reach up to 45 feet, but they often offer at least six feet of length in the front as well.

Stability While Driving

Any RV will be stable and still when properly parked. However, many trailers and other tow-behind models sway or swing as they go down the road. This can make it hard to drive straight as well, especially when the trailer is quite large and heavy. Maneuvering up or down narrow mountain roads is easier with a fifth wheel because of the design’s namesake. The literal fifth wheel sits near or under the hitch and helps stabilize the trailer in turns.

No Engine Or Transmission Maintenance

While you will still need to keep your towing vehicle in tip top shape, your fifth wheel itself won’t feature any moving parts to break down. Small mechanisms like the leveling jacks are easily replaced if they do break. In a pinch, you could buy a new towing vehicle while on the road and avoid being stranded due to engine problems. There is no need for a long delay during repairs when you can just swap vehicles and keep the fifth wheel instead.


Most fifth wheel trailers at Woody’s RV World are quite luxurious and well equipped. You will really feel like you are at home or in a comfortable hotel when camping in the wilderness. Large screen televisions, full kitchens, and bathtubs make these trailers more than just basic equipment and housing for a road trip.

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On the Go Meal Ideas for RVers

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While the RV lifestyle can be slow and leisurely some days, most of the time there’s a hard emphasis on the “recreational” portion. If you’ve got your days planned with fun activities, events, and destinations, sometimes getting meals taken care of without resorting to fast food feels next to impossible.

There are, however, ways to take your meals on the go so that you can avoid fast food even on the most hectic of days. Save money, eat healthier, and streamline your adventures by trying to follow these tips.

Custom Rollups

This is a perfect solution for a day of adventure. Simply take some lunch meat and roll it around some cheese. You can add a lettuce leaf, tomato slice, and even a little bit of mayo if you want. Tortillas also work great in this manner since they’re much more flexible than a slice of bread but essentially serve the same purpose. There are plenty of ways to get creative with these, so there’s no excuse to make them bland. With just enough protein included, they’re filling, convenient, and highly portable.

Make More Than You Can Eat

No, really. When you make dinner in your RV, make more than your family can eat. Portion out what you’re going to eat for dinner and then save the rest for lunch tomorrow. Leftovers are a great way to stretch home-cooked  dishes over multiple meals and avoid eating out. While you may have to stave off any infamous second- and third-helping people in your party, the convenience of having a ready meal the next day are worth it.

Create Custom Grazing Boxes

Grazing boxes are a smart solution to gap breakfast and dinner. They’re an alternative to a formal sit-down lunch that allows you and your party to stay on the move, whether you’re spending your day on the road or having fun. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a grazing box is sort of like a trail mix, except instead of using things like nuts and candies, you use all sorts of bite-sized foods, such as cubed ham, boiled eggs, cubed cheese, and fresh fruits. You can make a custom box for every member of your party so that each one is tailored for taste. You can place these mixes into tin containers to help seal in freshness, or use bento boxes, lunch boxes, or even ziplock baggies. The idea is that each person has their grazing box and can eat from them throughout the day as hunger strikes.

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Spring Camping Destinations

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Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies

Head to one of these destinations this spring in your RV if you’re looking for some good camping opportunities to kick off RV season. Stop by Woody’s RV World to pick up any accessories you might need for your trip. You can pick up space-saving accessories, outdoor cooking accessories, chemicals for the black water tank, and replacement parts for the RV.

Kluane National Park and Reserve, located in the Yukon Territory, is one of the largest protected areas in the world. The park also features part of Kluane Lake, which is the largest lake in the Territory. Watch the beautiful sunsets on the lake or look west to see the Saint Elias mountain range.

Pacific Rim National Park, located in British Columbia, is another “can’t miss” location. The national park is located on Vancouver Island and features Long Beach and the West Coast Trail. Spring and summer are great times to visit, but don’t wait until fall, as it gets pretty cold and rainy.

Banff National Park, located about an hour and a half from Calgary, is Canada’s oldest national park. It has tons of sights to see, including Lake Louise’s aquamarine water and the Ice Fields Parkway. Because of the mountains and the lake, it is considered one of the best places to take your RV.

Douglas Provincial Park, located in Saskatchewan, features cacti, beaches and tons of fish. This is the perfect place to go for those who want to combine fishing and hiking. Since you can see various landscapes, this is one of the best places to get pictures.

Spruce Woods is a newer park – it was established in 1970. You’ll see sandy dunes and can walk on tons of walking trails. This park also rents yurts if you want to sleep outside of your RV for a change. Additionally, the camping sites are very private.

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Green Living Tips on the Road

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It’s no secret that RV enthusiasts love the great outdoors, and in an effort to give back to the natural wonders we love visiting, many RVers have chosen to travel green. And while some green RV additions — like solar panels and new engines — may seem a little out of budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to live a little greener on the road.

Clean Greener

A number of major companies have started creating non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and tank additives to reduce the amount of harm travelers cause when cleaning the interior and exterior of their motorhomes and travel trailers. Choose these products over more harmful ones or use other (more budget-friendly) non-toxic household items like vinegar and baking soda to clean instead.

Travel Together

Although it can be fun for large groups of campers to meet in separate RVs at the campsite, you can save the environment (and tons of money on fuel) by traveling in groups. Many RVs are capable of sleeping seven or more people, and they often house only two. Instead of meeting your friends at the campground, choose an RV and travel together.

Let Nature Help

Running the air conditioning in summer time can begin to feel like second nature, and sometimes we even run it when it’s not needed at all. Try using fans, shades and awnings instead of air conditioning on warm days, and always use those cool summer breezes to your advantage. In colder weather, choosing blankets over heaters can save a lot of unnecessary energy too.

Regulate Your Campfire

Campfires can spread at the drop of a hat, so always stay up-to-date on your campground’s fire rules as well as their daily weather conditions. And remember to keep your campfire small to reduce the amount of pollution that’s sent into the air.

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Making Friends While on the Road

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It can be hard to make friends outside of school or work. It can be especially hard if you’re spending lots of time on the road in your RV, never staying in one place for too long. That said, it’s not impossible to make new friends on the road. If you’d like to expand your social circle with some new people, try following these tips.

Don’t Be a Recluse

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: don’t be a recluse. Many travelers, without even realizing it, can stay cooped up in their RVs most of the time, only venturing out to hit the trails or perhaps go grab a bite to eat. If you want to meet new people and form friendships, you’ve got to get out there and socialize.

To this end, it helps to spend more time outside. RV parks and campgrounds are generally lively places and you can strike up a friendship by simply saying hello to your neighbors when you see them. You may find that you share common interests and can plan some activities together, like hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing. You know you already have one interest in common: RVing. You can use that as a starting point to break the ice and discover what else you have in common.

Keep in Touch

The real challenge of making friends as you RV is that you’re going to go your separate ways sooner or later (probably sooner). It’s important to stay in touch until you can meet back up again in person. To this end, don’t forget to ask any friends you made at your current RV park or campground for their phone numbers and/or social media information. After you have their  info, don’t be afraid to reach out to them every now and then. If they’re as interested in maintaining the relationship as you are, they’re sure to respond. If not, there’s no harm in trying. Though not everyone you meet will want to keep in touch, there’s sure to be some who do.

Using Social Media to Find Friends

Of course, social media can be used to make friends as much as it can be used to keep in touch. Facebook, for example, has groups that you can join in order to make friends. These are special interest local or regional groups, so you know that you’re interacting with like-minded individuals from the get-go. For example, you can find a group for RVers in Alberta, hikers in British Columbia, or other similar interests. Start talking to other users and you may eventually find one that you get along with and then find an opportunity to meet up.

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Tips to Make Your RV Fridge Better

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Tips to make your RV fridge better

Your RV’s fridge isn’t any better or worse than the one you’ve got at home, but it does operate under stressful conditions. The bouncing and jarring as you travel down an uneven road, the variations in weather that you experience, being hit by direct sunlight since an RV interior is smaller than a house… all contribute to your RV’s fridge getting overworked and cutting its efficiency.

Instead of resigning yourself to inefficiency, do yourself and your food a favor and take measures to help your fridge out.

Install Plastic Sliders

There are relatively cheap plastic and rubber sliders that you can install in your fridge to keep things from moving about. They’re not normally useful in a house, but in RVs they’re ideal for keeping things in place while you drive. Many a novice RVer has come to the end of driving for the day, opened their fridge for a soda or snack, and found the juice box or milk carton falling out the door right on top of them. Prevent it from ever happening by holding loose items in place.

Level Your Rig and Keep the Sun Off the Fridge

When you stop in at a campsite or RV park, especially the uneven ground of the former, take some time to get your RV nice and level. You want your RV to be level anyway for purposes of comfort, but did you know that a level RV helps your fridge to operate better too? Another thing you can do when parking is to take into account where your fridge is located within your RV. Place your RV such that the sun, whether it’s coming up or going down, doesn’t shine through a window and hit your fridge directly. Not only will it cause a slight temperature spike from mere contact alone, but it can also hit your condenser coil and overwork it, causing cooling inefficiency.

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Here at Woody’s RV World in Albert, we know all of the tricks — big and small — to helping maximize every aspect of your RV lifestyle. Give us a call, visit us online, or stop in and see us to upgrade your RV for the travel season ahead.

Balanced RV Living Tips

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living a balanced rv lifestyle

Adjusting to life in an RV can be a challenge. It’s easy to overindulge, move to fast, and burn yourself out. That’s why it’s important that you learn how to balance your recreational time with downtime. These tips can help you to achieve this balance, whether you’re on the road for a week or full-time.

Use Your RV’s Kitchen

When you’re out in your RV for weeks or even months at a time, it’s important to use your RV’s kitchen to cook meals as if you were at your house. Not only does it help to save you money that you’d otherwise spend eating out at restaurants, but it also helps to keep you fit since you’ll generally eat better with home-cooked meals than you would with greasy fast food. On top of that, eating meals with the friends and family you’re traveling with can help everyone to bond and stay on the same page.

Maintain an Exercise Regimen

While an active lifestyle of hiking, biking, climbing, and swimming is often the “recreational” portion of RVing, there’s always room for more exercise. This is especially true if your idea of recreational leans more towards touring museums or fishing on a dock. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it may mean that you need to work in a work out into your schedule. Wearing yourself out with exercise a few times a week can help your energy levels for the rest of the week regardless of what else you’re planning to do with your time.

Take Things Easy

Don’t rush through your day and don’t rush through destinations. Whether you’re out on the road for a week or for years, you’ll get more out of your time in your RV if you maintain a slower pace of travel. Don’t overstuff your days and make sure to spend quality time at each destination rather than trying to stuff in as many new destinations as possible. This will make each place you go more memorable. Otherwise, your travels will feel like a blur of activity and the places you visit will feel less distinct and, therefore, less memorable.

Full-Timers: Don’t Live Like You’re on Vacation

Sure, your life is basically one big vacation if you’ve given yourself over to RVing full-time. But that doesn’t mean you should live like you’re on vacation. Vacation-style living means indulging, which is fine for finite vacations that last for a week before you go back to your house and job. But if there’s no end in sight and no house or job to go back to, indulging yourself everywhere you go will lead to poor health and will burn you out on living your life on the road. Stay frugal when you shop. Cook your own meals. Get plenty of sleep. Maintain your tamer hobbies, like reading, painting, or knitting. Don’t feel like you need to purchase admittance to somewhere each day. If your life is just one big vacation, soon it won’t feel like a vacation any longer.

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Things to Do and Know Before Taking Your RV Out

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While some things in life can be learned on the fly, RVing isn’t really one of those. Successful RV trips come down to one thing: proper preparation. There are certain things you should have, do, and know before you load up the RV and attempt your road trip.

Have RV Insurance and Road Service and Know What Your Plan Covers

You definitely want to have RV insurance. Your RV is a big investment and you’ll want to have it covered in the event that something happens to it. Know your plan and what you’re paying for. Less obviously, but just as important, you’ll want roadside service. It’s invaluable if you break down on your trip since a broken down RV is much harder to deal with than a broken down car. If you’re not in a motorhome, but rather a travel trailer of some variety, and you’re truck breaks down, you’ll also want to make sure that your roadside service will take into account your travel trailer when the tow truck comes.

Learn How to Drive Your RV with Confidence

If you’ve never driven an RV, don’t make the morning of your big planned road trip your first time. You won’t get far and all of your plans will be ruined. If you’ve bought an RV, take the time to drive it around your town and especially practice backing it up with precision using cones. You’ll need that skill at many campsites and RV parks. Work your way up to taking it on the highway to neighboring cities for day trips. If you’re renting an RV for your trip, shell out some extra money and rent the same style of RV beforehand for a few days of practice.

Know the Weather Forecast and Upcoming Road Conditions

Whether it’s the weather or construction, keep up-to-date on what the road has in store for you. RVs, due to their size, are less maneuverable and therefore less adaptable to unforeseen road conditions. Additionally, weather can play more of a role in how you operate an RV than it does a car or truck. If you’re traveling with others, assign a person to monitor weather and traffic apps as you travel to supply you with current information on what the road ahead is going to do and how the weather is developing.

Know Your RV’s Height, Weight, and Electrical Load

You should learn your RV’s stats by heart, but at least write these all down in an accessible, easily referenced place (like a sticky note on the dash). It doesn’t come up every day you travel, but you’ll encounter overpasses that are too low to clear, bridges that can’t safely support your RV’s weight, and appliances that overload your RV’s electrical capacity.

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Before you hit the road in your RV this season, bring your travel trailer, motorhome, or fifth wheel by Woody’s RV World in Alberta. Our certified RV technicians will take all of the necessary steps to ensure your RV is safe to hit the road for another RV season. If you’ve got any questions about your RV or the RV lifestyle, just ask us while you’re here!