Nutritious Snacks For The Road

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When it’s time to pack up the RV for the first trip of the spring, be sure you pack up some healthy snacks for the road for nutrition month. You might think you need sugary snacks to keep you alert, but snacks that are high in protein also keep your energy up.

Protein Bars

Choose several flavors of protein bars to tie you over between meals or to increase your energy if you have just an hour to go before you get to your destination.

Peanuts and Nuts

These snacks, whether you choose your favorite nut or peanuts are also high in protein and will give you energy to get through a long day of driving.

Trail Mix

Choose a trail mix that has a good mixture of nuts, fruit and a little sweetness for a variety of different tastes while you’re on the road.

Healthy Mix

Create a mixture of fruit and cheese cubes, plus add some vegetables such as carrot sticks or celery sticks to the mix. You could even add radishes and raw vegetables such as broccoli and mushrooms to the mix to create you own healthy mix. Instead of processed cheese, choose cheddar or low-fat cheese sticks. You can cut the cheese into cubes yourself if you can’t find your favorite already cubed.


If your family prefers salty crunchy snacks, leave the potato chips at home and go for the popcorn. You can buy bags of popcorn or make it yourself in an air popper and store it in an airtight plastic tub. You could also make your own potato chips in a dehydrator or the oven. They’ll be healthier as they won’t be cooked in grease and will have less salt than the chips you buy in the store.


Chocolate is good for you as long as it’s in moderation. If you must have chocolate, bring a couple of dark chocolate mini bars for each person.

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