Fuel Saving Tips

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When you have an RV, you’ll want to do what you can to minimize fuel usage. Whether you have a motorized RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler, the weight of the vehicle takes a toll on gas mileage; however, you can change your driving habits to minimize fuel usage.

Buying a New Rig

If you’re planning on buying a new truck to haul the fifth wheel or travel trailer you just bought at Woody’s RV World, be sure to get something that can haul more than your trailer’s weight. While a larger engine does use more gas, it uses less than if you have a smaller engine that has to work harder. Choose a truck that features cylinder deactivation. While it won’t go into Econo mode while you have the tow/haul feature activated, it will while you are not hauling, thus saving gas while you are sightseeing without the RV.

Driving Habits

You can do several things to minimize fuel usage, and you’ll be surprised at home much you can actually save. Use cruise control when you can, especially on the flats. This keeps the engine at the same speed, which minimizes fuel usage. If you’re on the highway and people in front of you are going slower than you are, change lanes if possible so you don’t have to slow down – and you won’t have to take your cruise off and reset it.

When you are approaching a line of vehicles at a stop light, slow down sooner rather than later. It takes more gas to get back up to speed from a dead stop than it does from any speed, even 5 kph. If you do have to come to a stop, don’t take off from the light like you’re at the track and the Christmas Tree just turned green. Pull out slowly to minimize fuel usage.

If you are traveling in the mountains, climb steep hills in a lower gear so the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to pull you up the hill.

Visit Woody’s RV World

If you are in the market for an RV, stop by Woody’s RV World to walk through our floor plans. If you have an RV and are not ready to upgrade yet, be sure to have your RV checked and serviced if necessary before you leave for your road trip.

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