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If you’re a resident of Edmonton in between RV trips (or even an RVer who’s currently visiting Edmonton) you’re going to want to eat at some point. I mean, we can assume that much. Where you eat depends on what quality you want and what kind of experience you wish to have.

If you want the best of the best, however, you’ll be pleased to know that Edmonton possesses some legitimately great eateries. In fact, Alberta’s capital is shaping up to be a foodie’s dream.


A modern Italian trattoria, Uccellino is owned by renowned chef Daniel Costa. His third restaurant, Uccellino serves simple Italian food with ingredients imported from Italy. Simple, in this case, doesn’t mean that the food isn’t quality, but rather that the flavors are clear and robust, transporting you to rustic Southern Italy. Half the restaurant is designated for walk-in dining, so it’s not too difficult to get in and try it.


A rarity this far north, this Mexican eatery is a real treat. Opened by the Tres Carnales Taqueria owners, which serves up tacos street-style, the new place is a traditional, family-style rosticeria. Rositzado takes diners on a journey through Mexico, drawing inspiration from all 32 states, which, if you know Mexican regional cuisine, can be wildly divergent. From classics to modern twists, Rostizado makes a good lunch or dinner.

Duchess Bake Shop

If you want something sweet for dessert, head to the Duchess Bake Shop. Drawing inspiration from the best of French baking, the pastries, macarons, pies, and tarts will make you feel like you’re in Paris. They also serve lunch, which includes sandwiches, quiches, soups, and tartiflette.

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