Canada’s Most Beautiful Villages

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When we hit the road in our RVs, most of the time it’s with a destination in mind. Usually these destinations are either National Parks or big cities, like Vancouver, Montreal, or Banff National Park. But this neglects an entire countryside full of deserving destinations: the innumerable smaller towns and villages that dot Canada.

While not every village is a compelling draw, there are some that certainly deserve attention. If you’re planning a road trip in your RV this summer, consider checking out one of Canada’s most beautiful villages.

Waterton, Alberta

Okay, so this one is technically within a National Park, but the village itself is still charming and the surroundings are obviously gorgeous. A tiny mountain village located in the midst of the mountain and lake strewn landscape of Waterton Lakes National Park, Waterton township has its fair share of scenery. Set on the Canadian-USA border across from Montana, Waterton Lakes National Park is adjacent to Glacier National Park and shares the same type of environment.

Entering the village, you’ll see the historic Prince of Wales Hotel and enjoy local hospitality in a laid-back manner. There are restaurants and shops to explore when you’re not out enjoying the surrounding park.

Tadoussac, Quebec

Located a mere three hours from Quebec City, Tadoussac’s main draw are the excellent whale watching opportunities in the summer. Situated where the Saguenay Fjord meets the St. Lawrence Estuary, whales enjoy lingering in the area before they migrate to the Atlantic Ocean in the autumn. Whale watching tour boats regularly leave from the village, but some whales can be spotted from shore.

The village of Tadoussac itself offers fantastic shopping opportunities at its eccentric stores and quirky boutiques. Tadoussac also possesses an ineffable artsy atmosphere that’s sure to charm any tourist.

Merrickville, Ontario

Considered by some polls and surveys to be Canada’s most beautiful village, Merrickville is nicknamed the “Jewel of the Rideau.” Home to a disproportionate amount of heritage sites, you’ll encounter Gothic churches, historic stone houses, and exceptionally well-maintained Victorian-era mansions.

The village attracts a large number of creatives, likes artists and musicians, and lends the village a charming quality. Add to this the shops and cafes, and you’ve got days worth of fun and exploration. The Rideau Canal runs through the town, adding to this charm.

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