Board Games to Play on the Road

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If you own a RV chances of you getting bored from time to time is probably an accurate and fair assumption to make. Watching television is a favorite pastime that is slowly being replaced by cellphones, handheld computers and other machines that require its users to put forth no real brain power. These forms of entertainment are fine for socializing with friends and family and also for relaxing, but what do you do when you want to have some intellectual fun?

Board games are fun, entertaining and educational. Board games are loved by millions of people both young and old. They teach while they entertain, which makes them interesting as well as stimulating. There are literally hundreds of board games on the market today and some are more popular than others. RV owners should take a break from driving, sit down with a friend or family member, and pull out one of these popular classical games.

Checkers is a family friendly game that is played and loved by both children and their parents. Two or more players can play at the same time. Checkers is a fast pace game and you can make it out of a tournament by challenging others.

Scrabble is a great vocabulary building game. It encourages reading, spelling and writing but most importantly it enhances critic thinking skills. Overall, it is a fun and exciting game to play. You will be challenged to spell and create words that you did not know were in your vocabulary.

Yahtzee teaches a valuable lesson in calculation and mathematical computation. This game starts with the roll of the dice and is actually entertaining and strategic. There is nothing boring about this game.

Monopoly is a real old game, but what it teaches is more valuable than watching television. You will learn how to invest in and buy real estate. It teaches you the importance of earning money but most importantly how to make it grow. It also teaches you how to manage your money and the consequences of poor management.

Board games are great to play while you are waiting for information about good camping and campgrounds for the night or while you are waiting to get on the road again after a bad storm.

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