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Edmonton’s Best Eats

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If you’re a resident of Edmonton in between RV trips (or even an RVer who’s currently visiting Edmonton) you’re going to want to eat at some point. I mean, we can assume that much. Where you eat depends on what quality you want and what kind of experience you wish to have.

If you want the best of the best, however, you’ll be pleased to know that Edmonton possesses some legitimately great eateries. In fact, Alberta’s capital is shaping up to be a foodie’s dream.


A modern Italian trattoria, Uccellino is owned by renowned chef Daniel Costa. His third restaurant, Uccellino serves simple Italian food with ingredients imported from Italy. Simple, in this case, doesn’t mean that the food isn’t quality, but rather that the flavors are clear and robust, transporting you to rustic Southern Italy. Half the restaurant is designated for walk-in dining, so it’s not too difficult to get in and try it.


A rarity this far north, this Mexican eatery is a real treat. Opened by the Tres Carnales Taqueria owners, which serves up tacos street-style, the new place is a traditional, family-style rosticeria. Rositzado takes diners on a journey through Mexico, drawing inspiration from all 32 states, which, if you know Mexican regional cuisine, can be wildly divergent. From classics to modern twists, Rostizado makes a good lunch or dinner.

Duchess Bake Shop

If you want something sweet for dessert, head to the Duchess Bake Shop. Drawing inspiration from the best of French baking, the pastries, macarons, pies, and tarts will make you feel like you’re in Paris. They also serve lunch, which includes sandwiches, quiches, soups, and tartiflette.

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Are You Considering an RV?

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Family vacation, RV (motorhome) travel with kids

When you’re considering your first RV, there are a number of questions that you ought to ask before committing to anything. Some RVs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it pays to know what you’re getting vs. what you need.

How much space do you need?

This question is especially important if you have a family with older children or if you plan on long-term traveling. Ask to see the size of the sleeping quarters. If you have have three or more kids and they are older; or if you plan on taking adult friends with you, you’ll want to ensure that a bunk that is advertised to sleep two is actually big enough to sleep two!

Another “size” to ask about is holding tank size. If you are planning on living the RV and many of the places you park of off-grid, you’ll want larger holding tank sizes. And, if you have a group of people or a large family going out for a weekend, you won’t want to pick up everything to go empty the holding tanks every other day. Make sure your RV has large enough holding tanks to accommodate your RV lifestyle.

You also want to make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate activities you expect to be doing during your travels. If, for instance, you’re an avid kayaker or love your ATV, you may want to look at toy haulers.

What amenities do you expect?

RVs are supposed to be more comfortable than camping in a tent or driving in a car, but, that being said, every RV is different. While there’s no shortage to the creature comforts that you can expect to find in an RV, not every RV will be loaded down with every single one of them. Know what features are important to you and prioritize these when you shop. Do you really want an extendable awning? An outdoor kitchen? Bunk beds? A television in the bedroom? Multiple slide-outs? Figure this out before you hit the dealership’s lot.

What’s your budget?

Like it was mentioned before, RVs can get pricey. There’s no shame in not being able to afford the biggest and baddest rig. The RV you get should be the best combination of size and features that you can actually afford. Crunch some numbers before you stop in at the RV dealership and know what your maximum is.

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Enjoy Hobbies and Crafts on the Road

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Knitting Yarns and Needles

One of the best parts of taking your home with you on the road is the ability to take your hobbies and crafting with you as well.

If you’re embarking on a lengthy journey in your RV, or especially if you’re giving up your house to full-time in your RV, here are some tips for bringing your hobbies and crafts with you successfully.

Be Honest About the Space You Require

RVs can possess plenty of space, but certain hobbies can make even the roomiest Class As seem small. Reflect on what your hobbies are and give an accurate estimate as to how much space you’ll need. The worst thing you can do is to give it no thought, buy an RV, and then find out that you can’t continue your favorite activities in your new home-on-the-road. You can get an idea of how much space you’ll need for any activity by how much space you use for it at your house. Though you can condense the space required considerably by reducing quantities of supplies, storing smartly, and learning to work on a smaller surface, there’s definitely a limit to how much you can reduce on any hobby.

Get Creative About Storage

Speaking of storage, your space will go further in an RV by learning how to get creative about using the space you have. This applies to the RV lifestyle in general, not just to hobbies specifically. Don’t be afraid to modify the interior of your RV’s living space by adding extra storage places. You can also use space intended for something else as a storage area. For instance, you don’t have to use the TV stand in the bedroom for a television; it can always be used for additional storage!

Spread Out if You Stop for a While

If you plan to be somewhere for longer than a few days, don’t hesitate to expand beyond the borders of your RV. Set up a folding table outside your RV under the awning or head to an activity hall if your RV park has one.

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