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Deals of the Week

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If you are in the market for a new RV, we have several deals of the week in our stores including Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Red Deer. Stop by the dealership closest to you to find out more about the models that are marked as Deals of the Week.


Walk through the Chapparral 277DS by Coachmen if you are in the market for a fifth wheel. This 28-foot pre-owned RV is clean and you can pick it up for under $25,000.

The I-GO Lite G245RKDS by Ever Green is a travel trailer that is just over 27 feet long. This new 2015 model year is in stock and you can save $17,000 this week.


Visit Edmonton to walk through the new 2015 Freedom Express 31E bunk house by Coachmen. This travel trailer is just under 36 feet long and you can save $15,000. Pick up this model for just under $33,000.

The Trail Runner 21SLE by Heartland is a brand new travel trailer available at Edmonton. This mode is just over 25 feet. Save $10,000 on this 2015 model year and pick it up for just under $20,000.

If you’re looking for a new fifth wheel, walk through the new 2015 Chaparral Lite 29MKS by Coachmen. This 2015 model year is just over 33 feet long and you’ll save $20,000.

Grande Prairie

Pick up the Freedom Express 31SE bunk house by Coachmen at the Grande Prairie store. This 2015 travel trailer is brand new and gives you plenty of space with over 35 feet. Pick up the 31SE for just under $32,000 and save over $16,000.

Also available at the Grande Prairie location, you’ll find the Freedom Express 230BH bunk house by Coachmen. This travel trailer is just under 27 feet long, is brand new and is available for just under $23,000.

Red Deer

Pick up the 2015 Trail Runner 29MSB bunk house by Heartland. This brand new travel trailer is available for just under $26,000.

We also have a 2015 Trail Runner 25SLE bunk house by Heartland that is just over 29 feet long for just under $23,000.

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Weekender Accessories

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When you go camping for the weekend, you want to get away from it all, but you still might want to keep up with your favorite shows or catch the weather in your location. You may not want to run the generator for the entire weekend – after all, you’re trying to get away from the noise of urban living. No matter what you need to make your camping trip better, we have it.

Stop by Woody’s RV World to browse through our warehouse for accessories you want or need for your next trip including satellites for television, solar solutions, chairs and mats.

Solar Dishes and Bells

Choose from several dishes and bells to receive an HD television signal in your RV where ever you decide to camp, whether you are going out for the weekend or for a long trip. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and catch the weather or even the news, if you are a news junkie and just can’t leave your favorite news station behind.

Carmanah Solar Systems

If you don’t want to run your generator constantly, choose from several solar systems including an 85-watt kit, a 160-watt kit, a 120-watt folding portable solar kit and an 80-watt folding portable solar kit. The 160-amp kit is on sale and includes a 30-amp digital regulator, wiring and mounting hardware and a 25-year warranty.

Lawn Chairs and Mats

Pick up a mat to spread under the awning to keep everyone from tracking dirt into the RV and to keep the dust around the front of the RV down. The mat also allows you to walk barefoot outside where you otherwise might not be able to for fear of broken glass, stones and just too much dirt.

Choose from several styles of folding chairs, including a folding director’s chair with a side table. The folding chairs will fit nicely in the basement storage without taking too much space; and allows you to sit comfortably outside without having to take the dining chairs from the RV outside.

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Nutritious Snacks For The Road

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When it’s time to pack up the RV for the first trip of the spring, be sure you pack up some healthy snacks for the road for nutrition month. You might think you need sugary snacks to keep you alert, but snacks that are high in protein also keep your energy up.

Protein Bars

Choose several flavors of protein bars to tie you over between meals or to increase your energy if you have just an hour to go before you get to your destination.

Peanuts and Nuts

These snacks, whether you choose your favorite nut or peanuts are also high in protein and will give you energy to get through a long day of driving.

Trail Mix

Choose a trail mix that has a good mixture of nuts, fruit and a little sweetness for a variety of different tastes while you’re on the road.

Healthy Mix

Create a mixture of fruit and cheese cubes, plus add some vegetables such as carrot sticks or celery sticks to the mix. You could even add radishes and raw vegetables such as broccoli and mushrooms to the mix to create you own healthy mix. Instead of processed cheese, choose cheddar or low-fat cheese sticks. You can cut the cheese into cubes yourself if you can’t find your favorite already cubed.


If your family prefers salty crunchy snacks, leave the potato chips at home and go for the popcorn. You can buy bags of popcorn or make it yourself in an air popper and store it in an airtight plastic tub. You could also make your own potato chips in a dehydrator or the oven. They’ll be healthier as they won’t be cooked in grease and will have less salt than the chips you buy in the store.


Chocolate is good for you as long as it’s in moderation. If you must have chocolate, bring a couple of dark chocolate mini bars for each person.

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Spring Break in Alberta

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Though spring break might be a bit chilly in Alberta, it’s still a great time to spend a week out in the wilderness taking in all that nature has to offer. Visit any of the parks in Alberta, including Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Kananaskis.

Before you head out, be sure to call our RV service department at Woody’s RV to schedule an appointment to have your RV checked out before you leave. If you don’t have an RV yet, but think spending a week or more away from it all sounds like the ultimate vacation, stop by our showroom to walk through the many floor plans we have available.

Banff National Park

The Canadian Pacific Railway found a cave and hot spring in 1883; and from there, Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park and only the third in the world. Banff National Park covers 6,641 square kilometers and features mountains, valleys, forests, glaciers, rivers and meadows. Enjoy the cave and basin, and the museum while you are visiting. Nearby sites include Kootenay National Park, Glacier National Park, the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site, the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs and more.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is part of Banff National Park; and this glacier-fed lake is surrounded by high peaks that reflect in the turquoise waters. Take the hiking trails to the Lake Agnes Tea House for some great views. During the winter, the lake is a skating rink; and during the warm months, take your canoe out. And, if you love to ski be sure to have your RV ready for winter camping as the ski resort features a wildlife interpretive center at the top of a gondola. Lake Louise covers 222 acres and is at 5,249 feet.


West of Calgary, in the foot of the Canadian Rockies, you’ll find Kananaskis, a park that covers 1,626 miles. You can access this series of parks via Highway 40, Highway 66 or Highway 68. The University of Calgary has an ecological and environmental research station nearby. Enjoy camping, golf, skiing, horse trails, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, hunting, backpacking, fishing and scrambling.

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