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Computing and Internet with Your RV

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Computing and Internet with Your RV

Computers have done for RVing what RVs did for camping&##8211;made life easier, faster, cleaner, and ripe with more opportunities for fun, travel and safety on the road. If that sounds like overselling, it&##8217;s not. RVers who travel with laptops, smart phones and/or net books, or iPads have many more opportunities and much more information available to them than their non-tech peers. Internet access gives you the comfort of shopping, banking; travel planning, making reservations and checking the weather, connecting with friends via Skype and email and even learning about how to fix your RV with online tutorials. It&##8217;s hard to beat that kind of resource, especially when it&##8217;s all in something as compact as a laptop computer! Continue reading

The History of RV Innovations

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People have always traveled from place to place, camping along the way. Early travelers traveled by horseback, packing their tents or tarps on horseback. Wagon trains, shepherd&##8217;s carts and other wheeled vehicles became home for months or years at a time for other travelers. Once trains criss-crossed the country travelers could camp in private rail cars that were pulled along side train routes. That kind of accommodation limited where a person or family could go. It was also difficult to set up camp if the rail car was already occupied.

Travelers wanted more. They wanted mobility and they wanted comfort. Just like today, they were willing to compromise on one to afford the other if they had to. Most of the early RVs had a place to sleep and to hold basic comforts. Some had bathrooms and kitchens or even stoves, most did not. They began to explore and create options as travelers have always done. Continue reading