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5 Fantastic Fly-Fishing Locations

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Little Smoky River - Native Grayling and Bull Trout

Anywhere the fish are rising, the water’s clear and the stream is scenic makes for a fantastic fly-fishing location. That said, the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia are some of the best fly-fishing spots in the fly-fishing travel world. As an RVer you’re can pretty much stop anywhere along a likely looking river in either province and find great fishing.

If you’re not familiar with a province’s hot spots, and would like to have a destination in mind, our recommendations should help. If not, consider hiring a guide or joining a tour to get an idea for fishing in a specific area, particularly if you’re going be around for a few days or a month. Guides are well worth their rates and can make your trip so much easier. They can let you know what licenses you’ll need, where you can park, hike and fish and what the local regulations are. Many have boats for drift fishing as well. Continue reading