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Retirement and RVing

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Retirement and RVing

Many people follow the traditional, “work hard, then retire, buy an RV and travel,” model. Once they come to their retirement years, they buy an RV and then discover they don’t really enjoy RVing at all. Now what?

If you love RVing now, chances are you’ll love it just as much or more when you retire. But it you haven’t ever gone RVing you might want to try it out before planning your life around a future as a full-timer. Continue reading

How to Improve Your RV’s Efficiency in Summer

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Staying cool inside and out of your RV not only keeps you comfortable, but can prolong the life of your RV and appliances.

When most RVers think “efficiency” they’re talking about their air conditioner, refrigerator and engine if they’re driving a Class A, B or C. The tricks and maintenance for your RV is similar to what you need to do at home, beginning with your filters and some common sense. Continue reading