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Saving Your Slide-Out

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a slide-out, but really only a handful of things that usually do. Almost all are related to opening or closing the slide-out, or maintenance issues on it. So, saving your slide-out usually means paying close attention to maintaining it, using it properly, blocking or securing it as you should, and keeping the slide channels cleaned out, and free of debris.

If you haven’t looked at RV’s yet, a slide-out is the name given to a room, or area of the RV that literally slides out of the side of the RV when it is parked to give additional room to the interior of the RV. The most popular slide-outs are for the bedroom and living room, although there are bathroom slideouts as well. Because an open slide-out can significantly increase the living area of the RV where it is, they are very popular features to get on an RV. However, because they are also used frequently and are pieces of machinery and moving parts, they tend to have some problems if not opened, closed, transported or maintained properly.

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