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Determining Your RV’s Correct Weight

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It may not seem important, but knowing your RV’s correct weight – both empty and loaded, is critical to the safe towing and handling of your trailer, pop-up, or motorhome. The weight of your RV not only affects your tires, your hitch, and your handling, but ultimately your safety and life. An over weighted trailer can lead to a tire blowout, loss of control of your RV, flipping your rig, and even death. Learn all you can about weight, both of your rig and your vehicle and hitch, and stay within the limits.

It’s easy enough to find your RV’s correct weight. Look for the “Gross Vehicle Weight Rating” or “GVWR,” and “Gross Axle Weight Rating,” or “GAWR” numbers on your RV. You’ll find both these numbers on a tag on the support pillar next to the driver’s seat, or on the chassis of your trailer. If you can’t find them, ask your RV dealer to tell you where they are, or check your manual.

These tags will also tell you the Model number, the Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW); Net Carrying Capacity, (NCC); and how much weight the motorhome is capable of carrying, which includes the weight of a load of water and fuel. Tag information will vary according to the size of trailer, type of RV, and options you selected for your rig. Continue reading