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RV Safety on the Road

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong on the road. You can have a flat tire, engine problems, illness or medical emergency, or a crash. But there are other things that happen as well. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when camping or traveling. But the same things that can happen in the city can happen on the road. Your children can wander off and get lost, you can encounter stray animals or wildlife, or even leave someone behind at a rest stop or gas station without realizing they’re not in the RV! Don’t laugh. It happens! Continue reading

RVing Etiquette

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Your dealer may have shown you how to hitch up your trailer, or hook up your power and empty your water tanks, but chances are, he didn’t talk a lot about RV etiquette. Being a successful camper or RV’er means more than just getting parked properly and setting out your chairs.

Knowing the basics about RV etiquette, those unwritten and unspoken, but very real social rules of experienced campers can make your trip a lot of fun, or very stressful. Ignore these common rules at your own risk. Those who do risk rude looks at the least, and loud confrontations with angry neighbors at worst. Many campgrounds will ask you to leave and will not refund your camping fees (even if you have paid for a week or a month) if you violate their written rules, or some of the unwritten ones! Continue reading