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Ten Must Do Tips For Winter

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With a few adaptations to your RV it is possible and even fun to RV during the winter. Many folks however prefer to store their RV for the cold season and take a break from camping. Whichever group you are in, here are ten “must do” tips for Wintering in your RV, whether you plan to park it for the season, or continue to use it – even infrequently. Continue reading

2010 Calgary Herald Reader Choice 16th year Gold Winner

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Woody’s RV World – Adding to a long list of accomplishments

Source – Calgary Herald – Reader’s Choice 2010

In its many years in business, Woody’s RV World has served a long list of satisfied customers, and received many industry awards along the way.

Woody’s was recently named one of the Top 50 RV Dealers in North America by RV Business magazine, and is also the Gold medal winner in the 2010 Calgary Herald Readers’ Choice Awards.

Darren Paylor, president of Woody’s RV World, says they are very proud to be presented with the prestigious Top 50 award for the second year in a row.

“It affirms our commitment to being a leader in innovation by providing cutting edge products, supported by a team of professionals committed to exceed the demands and requirements of today’s RV enthusiast,” says Paylor.

Dealerships are nominated by RV manufacturers for the award, and the Top 50 are chosen based not on sales but on customer service and satisfaction, employee training and education, and sound planning and initiatives.

“The RV industry has a responsibility to provide the most enjoyable experience for the RV’er. Being included with this group of winning companies devoted to providing a professional RV experience is a great achievement,” says Paylor.

“Woody’s RV World is not here to just sell a product but here to provide a great recreational adventurer, which lifelong memories are created. It’s this end result that we are most proud of.”

Woody's RV World

The recognition for Woody’s comes at an exciting time in the RV industry, as innovation is at an all-time high, and prices are more affordable.

“It’s a great time to buy an RV,” says Woody’s RV World general manager Don Pettit.

Pettit says the RV industry has become a lot more competitive in recent years, and there is so much innovative design features these days.

He says additional storage is a big trend in the latest RVs, with features like under platform storage, stow away bins, or flat screen TVs that pivot out of sight when not being used. There are even bunk beds that are hidden in a roof, but lower with the push of a button.

Pettit says that if houses were built as efficiently as today’s RVs, people could live quite comfortably in a smaller home.

Woody’s RV World has always been known for its wide range of products from some of the best known brands in the business, such as Winnebago, Fleetwood, Coachmen to name a few.

Woody’s carries everything from trailers for families just starting out, right up to the most luxurious diesel pusher motorhomes.

The dealership also carries many of the new lighter weight trailers designed for the vehicles that many people are driving today. Pettit says downsizing in the automotive industry have created more fuel efficient vehicles, and there are travel trailers that weigh as little as 2,000 pounds and are easily towed by a minivan.

In addition to offering more features, more efficiency, and more choices than ever, today’s RVs are also more competitively priced.

Woody's RV World

Pettit says manufacturers are providing excellent value these days, and the strong Canadian dollar is also an advantage.

So to is the buying power that Woody’s RV World enjoys because of its three huge Alberta dealerships.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Woody’s RV World’s famous customer service.

Pettit says the customer has always been their number one focus, and Woody’s is now serving multiple generations of buyers.

“We’re seeing second and third generations of a family that are purchasing from us,” he says, adding that many people come back again and again when they decide to upgrade to a larger or more luxurious RV.

In addition to a excellent sales experience, Woody’s has become known for its service and parts departments. Pettit says they are truly a well rounded dealership, with a large service facility for maintenance and repairs, as well as a reconditioning facility that brings pre-owned RVs back to top notch shape.

Woody’s parts department is also huge, and has an extensive selection of all the latest in RV accessories, from high tech items like solar panels, satellite TV systems, and even portable ice makers, to traditional items like RV mats.

Again, the buying power of Woody’s three locations means it can negotiate the best deals available from accessory manufacturers, and passes the savings along to customers. It’s just one of the many benefits of purchasing from Woody’s RV World.