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Dry Camping in Alberta and British Columbia

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Dry campers are a special breed of RV’er. They generally think of themselves, and are, independent and creative. They like to take responsibility for their own paths in life, to explore and to depend on their own talents, resources and skills. They like the wilderness more than the gravel and blacktopped parking sites in commercial or private campgrounds.

Many dry campers also just don’t like to pay to park. Fortunately there are alternatives to campground. For those who seek the wild and rewarding life of alternative RVing, there is dry camping. Dry camping is simply camping without hook-ups for power, water or conveniences. Overnighting in a truck stop or Wal-Mart parking lot is dry camping, but most serious dry campers seek out the backcountry and wilds of nature. Dry camping is generally free camping. So, there aren’t a lot of places that advertise dry camping sites. Besides, the nature of dry camping is to seek out and find “the perfect site” through word-of-mouth, friends, locals in an area, or by exploration. Continue reading