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Family Fun for First-Time RVers

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If you’re a first time RV’er chances are you’re both nervous and excited. You probably can’t wait to hit the road, find a campground and experience your new rig. We suggest you don’t.

Before heading off into the great unknown, or even a near-by state park, try camping out for a night or two in your own driveway or back yard. If you have small children, or pets you plan to bring with you, this is a really smart move. Not only will they be able to explore the RV and get used to it, but if they wake up homesick at 3 a.m. for their own beds, or a favorite toy you didn’t pack, you only have to cross the yard to get it. Furthermore, you get to do a dry run where it’s easy to go back into the house for forgotten tools or supplies. You won’t spend a fortune at the camp store buying items you didn’t know you’d need, like firewood, or things you forgot to bring, like marshmallows and hot chocolate, or sugar, bread, milk and coffee. Continue reading