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Cost Savings of RVing

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If looking at the cost of new RV’s has you running for the exit of the dealership, stop and get out your calculator. Break down the actual costs and look at the facts and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Studies have consistently shown that RVing is hundreds, if not thousands of dollars cheaper than traditional vacations where a family flies somewhere, rents a car, stays in a hotel and eats out.

Ever since the 1980’s PKF Consulting, an international consulting firm specializing in tourism and travel, has done studies to compare the cost of RVing versus non-RVing. Their 2008 study results showed that RV’ers save an average of 27 to 61 percent more than non-RV vacations. Even when factoring in RV ownership and fuel costs typical RV family vacations were significantly less expensive than other types of vacations studied. Continue reading