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Join Woody's RV and Celebrate the Season!
GRANDE PRAIRIE Spring Jamboree - Saturday, April 28th, 2018!

Come Join in on the Celebration!! - With spring in the air, all of us here at Woody's RV World are very excited about the upcoming RV season, and what better way to celebrate than our annual Spring Jamboree!

You can also join us for our Spring Jamboree Event in Leduc on Saturday, May 5th.

2017 Spring Jamboree

Make your "Adventure Affordable" with the season's best values! Come check out the "Buzz" and see the next generation of RV's from today's top Manufacturers.

Grande Prairie Spring Jamboree Specials!

2017 Spring Jamboree - Calgary Ad

2017 Spring Jamboree - Calgary Ad

Visit us for Family Fun, Informational Seminars, RV Presentations & Demonstrations, Door Prizes throughout the day and a Free BBQ*

*Beef On The Bun BBQ - Sponsored by CUMMINS - Donations To The Local Food Bank


Don't Miss Out on YOUR Memories... GET Into RV'ing!

Listen to our 'Thanks Mom" message!

Listen to our 'Thanks Dad"

From the moment you begin, memories are awakened, and the thought of creating new ones energizes you for the adventure ahead... Get Out There & Enjoy it!! Celebrate the skip on the water, the crackling of the fire, or just the sheer silence of the twinkling night... Get Into RVing!! - Come experience RVing like never before! The adventure begins at Woody's RV World!

There is no better time than the present to buy an RV. The next generation of RV's are designed with new and innovative features with the most cost-effective prices in years. Woody's RV World can take you there! Come see the next generation of travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes from today's top manufacturers.

Visit Today & Start Creating New Memories with YOUR Family

GET Into RVing & Make You Adventure Affordable!

Find Your RV Today and Start Living the RV Lifestyle!


36244B 2007 KAMPSITE 276BH Calgary Fifth Wheel $20,980 $18,980
36412 2017 FLAGSTAFF E-PRO E19FBS Calgary Travel Trailer $36,980 $27,980
36505A 2007 SUNSET TRAIL 26RK Calgary Travel Trailer $17,980 $15,980
36485A 2005 ROCKWOOD 1620 Calgary Fold Down $10,980 $7,988
34628A 2004 INFINITY 35F Calgary Class A $79,980 $71,980
36448 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8524RLBS Calgary Travel Trailer $70,980 $44,980
36328 2017 PACE ARROW LXE 38F Calgary Class A $334,980 $259,107
36629A 2011 OUTBACK 282FE Calgary Fifth Wheel $26,980 $24,980
37100 2018 Carado Banff Calgary Class B $114,980 $84,980
35305 2017 PUMA 297RLSS Calgary Fifth Wheel $57,980 $32,691
36376 2017 Bounder 36X Calgary Class A $233,980 $179,980
36222A 2017 AVALANCHE 320RS Calgary Fifth Wheel $79,980 $67,895
35695 2017 FLAGSTAFF MICRO LITE 19FD Calgary Travel Trailer $35,980 $25,872
36413 2017 E-PRO E12RK Calgary Travel Trailer $20,980 $12,980
34681A 1999 WILDWOOD 28RLSS Calgary Fifth Wheel $12,980 $8,664
36454 2017 FLAGSTAFF SUPER LITE 29KSWS Calgary Fifth Wheel $62,980 $42,980
36430 2017 Flagstaff Micro Lite 23IKSS Calgary Travel Trailer $52,980 $34,980
36809 2008 TITANIUM MYSTIQUE 34E39QSSA Calgary Fifth Wheel $37,980 $35,980
36267 2017 Momentum 399TH "Toy Hauler" Calgary Fifth Wheel $159,980 $117,980


36339 2017 AMERICAN REVOLUTION 42P Edmonton Class A $580,980 $441,519
36560 2017 STORM 34S Edmonton Class A $193,980 $154,980
36398 2017 FLAGSTAFF MICRO LITE 23IKSS Edmonton Travel Trailer $52,980 $34,980
36263 2017 MOMENTUM 399TH "TOY HAULER" Edmonton Fifth Wheel $159,980 $119,980
35856B 2003 THOR WANDERER 240RK Edmonton Fifth Wheel $14,980 $6,999
36108A Dutchmen Tundra 31RLDSL Edmonton Travel Trailer $26,980 $19,980
36730A Palomino Puma 23FB Edmonton Travel Trailer $29,980 $24,980
37607 Carado Banff Edmonton Class B $114,980 $84,980
36606C 2008 JAY FIGHT G2 31BHDS "BUNK MODEL" Edmonton Fifth Wheel $28,980 $19,980
36245A 2005 SPORTSMEN 37 "TOY HAULER" Edmonton Fifth Wheel $34,980 $22,980
36597A 2007 DURANGO 285RL Edmonton Fifth Wheel $24,980 $18,980
37160 2014 Forest River SPORTSCOACH 360DL Edmonton Class A $179,980 $159,777
37161 2016 FUN FINDER 215WSK Edmonton Travel Trailer $32,980 $27,980
36438A 2008 FLAGSTAFF 26BHSS "BUNK MODEL" Edmonton Travel Trailer $24,980 $17,980
36670A 2009 COUGAR 29RLS Edmonton Travel Trailer $28,980 $22,980
34934B 2007 SILVERBACK 33LCDTS Edmonton Fifth Wheel $29,980 $24,980
37148A 2008 COLORADO 32QB-B-MS "BUNK MODEL" Edmonton Fifth Wheel $34,980 $27,980
36237B 2006 PILGRIM SE-265 Edmonton Travel Trailer $18,980 $16,980
34894A 2015 MINNIE 31K Edmonton Class C $89,980 $79,980
37140A 2008 TANGO 265RKS Edmonton Travel Trailer $21,980 $19,980
37193 2014 NOMAD 292 "BUNK MODEL" Edmonton Fifth Wheel $32,980 $29,980
37196 2008 TANGO 299BHS "BUNK MODEL" Edmonton Fifth Wheel $21,980 $19,980
37058A 2003 TERRY 24-5M Edmonton Fifth Wheel $15,980 $9,980
34935C FREELANDER 2700RS Edmonton Class C $64,980 $59,980


35680 2017 Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 8528BHWS "Bunk Model" Red Deer Fifth Wheel $49,292 $46,440
35696 2017 FLAGSTAFF MICRO LITE 19FD "BUNK MODEL" Red Deer Travel Trailer $35,980 $23,230
36450 2017 BOUNDER 36Y Red Deer Class A $179,980 $177,760
36453 2017 Storm 34S Red Deer Class A $149,980 $147,235
36322 2017 FREELANDER 31BH Red Deer Class C $99,980 $97,640
36111 2017 AMERICAN REVOLUTION 42S Red Deer Class A $439,980 $432,650
36614 2015 STORM 32H "BUNK MODEL" Red Deer Travel Trailer $84,980 $82,620
35257A 2007 RAPTOR 3612DS "TOY HAULER" Red Deer Fifth Wheel $34,980 $29,980
36208A 2008 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 831BHSS Red Deer Travel Trailer $22,980 $19,170
36369 2017 FLAGSTAFF SHAMROCK 21SSL "TOY HAULER" Red Deer Travel Trailer $35,980 $33,635
36405 2017 FLAGSTAFF MICRO LITE 25BDS Red Deer Travel Trailer $34,980 $32,780
36510 2017 FLAGSTAFF HARD SIDE T12RB Red Deer Fold Down $18,980 $17,840
36511 2017 FLAGSTAFF HARD SIDE T12RB Red Deer Fold Down $23,980 $17,840
36355 2017 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8524RLBS Red Deer Fifth Wheel $70,980 $44,870
36684 2018 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8528BHOK "BUNK MODEL" Red Deer Fifth Wheel $77,980 $54,720
36686 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8528IKWS Red Deer Fifth Wheel $67,980 $52,550
36674 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8528CKWSA Red Deer Fifth Wheel $68,980 $54,680


36105 2017 SOLITUDE 374TH "TOY HAULER" Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $144,980 $99,980
36513 2017 FLAGSTAFF HARD SIDE T12RBST Grande Prairie Fold Down $23,980 $18,123
36126 2017 GRAND DESIGN SOLITUDE 384GK Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $120,980 $84,980
36129 2017 GRAND DESIGN SOLITUDE 3297RSTS Grande Prairie Travel Trailer $69,980 $47,980
36325 2017 GRAND DESIGN MOMENTUM M-CLASS 395M "TOY HAULER" Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $143,980 $99,980
36295 2017 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8320KBS Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $71,980 $47,980
36298 2017 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8528BHOK Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $77,980 $54,980
36282 2017 FLAGSTAFF SHAMROCK 183 Grande Prairie Travel Trailer $44,980 $25,980
35918A 2014 EAGLE 33.3RKTS Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $49,980 $35,980
36299 2017 FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE 8529IKBS Grande Prairie Fifth Wheel $78,980 $58,980


36847A 2007 TRAIL CRUISER 26QBS Leduc Travel Trailer $17,980 $15,980
37078 2018 REFLECTION 150 SERIES 230RL Leduc Fifth Wheel $58,980 $43,980
37065 2018 BANFF Leduc Class B $114,980 $79,980
36852 2018 IMAGINE - TOWING LITE 2500RL Leduc Travel Trailer $50,980 $36,980
36889 2018 REFLECTION 312BHTS "BUNK MODEL" Leduc Travel Trailer $74,980 $54,980
36903 2018 MOMENTUM 376TH "TOY HAULER" Leduc Fifth Wheel $152,980 $113,980
36882 2018 REFLECTION 307MKS Leduc Fifth Wheel $144,980 $99,980
36890 2018 REFLECTION 315RLTS Leduc Travel Trailer $77,980 $57,980
36861 2018 IMAGINE - TOWING LITE 2800BH "BUNK MODEL" Leduc Travel Trailer $52,980 $37,980
36898 2018 SOLITUDE 360RL Leduc Fifth Wheel $123,980 $93,980
36901 2018 SOLITUDE 384GK Leduc Fifth Wheel $117,980 $89,980
36900 2018 SOLITUDE 379FLS "FRONT LIVING ROOM" Leduc Fifth Wheel $125,980 $95,980
36867 2018 IMAGINE - TOWING LITE 2950RL Leduc Travel Trailer $59,980 $42,980
37880 2018 ACADIA 26LT "BUNK MODEL" Leduc Travel Trailer $49,980 $31,980
37881 2018 ACADIA 31LT "BUNK MODEL" Leduc Travel Trailer $52,980 $34,980
36906 2018 FREELANDER 28BH Leduc Class C $128,980 $94,980


The 2018 Models are Here! Come See What's New!


2017 Clearance Event

WOO HOO! Woody's RV World in Now Open in Leduc!

Woody's RV World!

Woody's RV - Live it Love it

Experience Our NEW State-of-the-Art RV Facility!

Come Experience Woody's New State-of-the-Art RV Facility! Now Open in LEDUC - with special Introductory Savings on RVs and Camping Accessories!

Woody's Leduc! - A Full Service RV Dealership Just off Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) at the North Airport exit - RV's for every Budget and lifestyle.

Your RV Adventure begins at Woody's RV World!

Now with 5 locations in Alberta - the RVer's first Choice!

Congratulations To The Johnson Family!

"Woody's Leduc Location 1st RV Delivery! Enjoy Your New Reflection - Grand Design 5th Wheel"

- Bob Geddes RV Sales Consultant



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Banff by Carado - Coming to Woody's Rv World

Introducing Banff by Carado! Experience the Lifestyle!

Carado Banff Brochure

Spectacular Limited-Time Introductory Price - Don't Miss Out!

Here They Come!! Woody's RV World partnering together with Erwin Hymer Group North America, Inc. has made a Special Volume Purchase of the Banff Class B by Carado. A great opportunity to experience the functionality in a recreational van, combined with a premium design and feel, all at SPECTACULAR SAVINGS. Don't Miss Out - Sign-up today and secure your position to obtain the freedom that the Banff by Carado can provide for ONLY $84,980 CDN!

Click here to Learn More about Banff by Carado!

See It!!... Hike It!!... Ride It!!... Explore It!! - GO RVING

Woody's is Growing Again - LEDUC!

Woody's RV World Leduc

Be a Part of It!   Woody's RV Leduc is Hiring!

Woody's RV World is currently looking to recruit individuals for various departments within our new Leduc dealership. Join our family owned and operated team today and see the difference for yourself.

  • RV Sales Consultants
  • Parts Personel
  • RV Technicians
  • Administration
  • Financing

If you're self-motivated and looking for an excellent income with growth in the future, come join us at Woody's RV World and recognize your full potential.


Send your resume to


It's an "RV-Cation"!

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is only a short drive away. Bring the family together! It's less expensive, it's flexible and it's fun!!

An RV holiday can save a family of four anywhere between 50% and 70% over the cost of other forms of vacation travel. RVing still is more economical when compared to a more traditional week's vacation for four, considering the cost of flights, car rentals, hotels and eating out.

It's an RV-Cation!

That's Right - Enjoy the RV Lifestyle Your Way!

Woody's RV World makes it easy to get into an RV to fit your Lifestyle, from Lightweight Travel Trailers to Luxury Motorhomes - IT'S ALL HERE!!

Woody's RV Lifestyle

Woody's RV  Lineup


Darren Paylor, President of Woody's RV, explains that RVing is about lifestyle, not transportation. RV enthusiasts are precisely that, enthusiastic. These people are well versed in products and features. They enjoy shopping this year's latest models. They are interested in how their unit operates and many enjoy doing whatever maintenance they can. Woody's RV is ready to help. With seminars and experienced staff ready and willing to answer any question from the latest features to how to do basic up-keep, the people at Woody's are eager to help you find the perfect fit for your RV needs.

Whether you are a seasoned RVer or a first timer, Mr. Paylor explains that there is an RV for everyone. The first thing to determine is the type of travelling you are looking to do. Do you want a unit for just you and your spouse or a friend to pull up to a back country spot and go fishing? Do you want to travel with your whole family? Are you looking to put on high mileage as you become a Snow Bird?

For the person or family who wants a great unit for parking and camping, tent trailers and truck campers are ideal. For the long distance travelers, a wide selection of fifth wheels, motor homes, diesel pushers, and van conversions are available. Pick you model, then select your floor plan and features. Just as you shop for the right fit in a home, you need to take time to find the right fit in your RV.

With the push to travel at home in the aftermath of the recent recession, the RV lifestyle has expanded. Hotels and restaurants add up. When travelling with an RV, your biggest variable is your mileage. The costs of your accommodations will be consistent and affordable. You have your kitchen with you so eating out becomes a choice rather than a necessity. All of the comforts of home wherever the road will take you.

Over the past twenty plus years, Mr. Paylor has seen an increase in the numbers of people participating in the RV lifestyle. While there are variations in the numbers of people who are "just trying it out", the enthusiasts are always there and their numbers are growing. These people come from all walks of life and are all seeking a fun, relaxing way to travel.

At Woody's RV World, the staff pride themselves in their customer care. "We take time to get to know each customer," says Mr. Paylor, "and we work in concert". The staff works hard to stay current with all of the changes in the market. Mr. Paylor explains that occasionally someone will come in with questions about a new feature that they don't yet know much about. The staff will do the research and get back to the RVer as soon as possible. The staff at Woody's is always ready and available to discuss questions and concerns.

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The sealants should be checked at least once a year. Your roof should be checked several times a year for not only sealant but also for punctures from tree branches. Windows, doors, and hatches are at least once a year.

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